- The contest is open to customers who meet all of the following criteria:

(a) spend $300 or more (before taxes and shipping) in one single online order on between the dates of Wednesday October 7 and Sunday October 24 11:59 pm EST.

(b) are currently based in New York City or who can physically be in New York for custom fittings starting on Monday October 25 and ending on Saturday October 30.

(c) are not employed by CHRISHABANA in any form or capacity and/or not affiliated with CHRISHABANA or its employees

- If a customer places more than one order with a value of $300 or more (excluding taxes and shipping) within the period of October 7 - 24, then such customer’s name will be entered into the drawing as many times as the number of orders with $300+ value they have placed with the said period.

- Separate orders placed within the period of October 7 - 24 with values less than $300 by the same customer are not eligible to enter the contest, even if the total value of all orders placed by same customer within the said period equal sto or exceeds $300 value.

- The eligible customers shall receive an email from CHRISHABANA confirming their participation to the contest upon confirmation and payment of their online order.
Unless the eligible customer declines their participation in the contest in writing, CHRISHABANA will deem the customer to have entered into the contest, and include the customer’s name in the drawing.

- The drawing shall take place on Monday October 25, and the winner will be announced on the same day.

- CHRISHABANA will contact the lucky winner to inquire about their decision on the custom look they would like. The winner shall be entitled to select one option out of the three custom looks being offered by CHRISHABANA as the prize of this contest.

- CHRISHABANA will execute the design in consultation with the winner to ensure the best fit possible. However, the winner cannot request any design alterations or modifications to the design selected.

- The winner of the contest agrees to be physically present at all fittings required by CHRISHABANA during the execution of the custom look between Monday October 25 and Saturday October 30 end of day.

- The winner agrees to pick up the finished custom look from CHRISHABANA studio at a designated date and time. The winner’s pick up is currently aimed for Saturday October 30 end of day, however should the finished look be ready sooner than this date, then CHRISHABANA shall inform the winner in order to make arrangements. No arrangements for a delivery can be made.

- The winner’s failure to comply with CHRISHABANA’s rules for the fittings and consultation may result in a delay or cancellation of the custom look. Such delay or cancellation due to the winner’s negligence shall not constitute a breach of CHRISHABANA’s commitments hereunder.