Jewelry Care

CHRISHABANA jewelry is plated, by layering a thin layer of metal on solid sterling silver or brass. 

Plating will eventually be distressed or tarnished with wear. However, continued exposure to any type of moisture (sweat, water, even perfumes, and chemicals present in cosmetics) will cause the plating to tarnish and vanish more quickly. 

To enjoy your jewelry in its original luster and shine, for as long as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple care instructions:

  • Always take jewelry off before going to sleep to limit the friction of the pieces rubbing against your skin or beddings. 

  • Keep your jewelry as dry as possible. Avoiding moisture and direct contact with water and any type of chemicals (eg. perfumes, cosmetics, soap, nail polish remover) is key to maintaining the luster of your pieces. If your pieces get wet, clean them gently, with a dry paper tissue or smooth piece of cloth (eg. microfiber eyewear cleaning cloths)

  • Take jewelry off before any prolonged physical activity to limit the exposure to sweat and constant friction with skin.

  • Store your jewelry individually in the original cases they come with to avoid scratching by pieces rubbing against each other.  

  • Be careful not to drop, hit, throw, or cause any unnecessary or excessive force on the pieces to ensure their longevity.