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Barbed Wire Hinged Earrings (Pair)

Barbed Wire Hinged Earrings (Pair)

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Barbed Wire Hinged Earrings (Pair)

Industrial elements such as ball chain and barbed wire find new home in CHRISHABANA main silver line. These universal forms are upgraded in sterling silver and are dissected and morphed into various forms, constantly staying true to the brand’s minimalist aesthetic. A playful subversive elegance disarms the dangerous nature of the collection that put the brand on the map. Sterling silver drop earrings, chunky rings and wearable yet statement necklaces are plated in white rhodium and are embellished in freshwater pearls. We also stay true to our unisex roots where all styles can be worn by men, women and everyone in between.

The SS19 CHRISHABANA barbed wire shapes takes form as an earring. Featuring a hinged design and discreet closure.

Sterling Silver plated in white rhodium.

Dimensions: 2 5/16” (58mm) long x 3/4 (7.5mm) wide x 1/16” (1.5mm) thick

Pieces are made to order in USA.

Please allow up to four (4) weeks for shipping from the date of your order

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